Use Your Touch Screen Devices With Gloves

Use Your Touch Screen Devices With Gloves

One annoying thing with iPhone, iPods, iPads, and anything else with a capacitive touch screen (uses the current in your fingers rather then the pressure) is that once you put on gloves they stop working!

Well there thankfully is a easy selection of solutions;

1. Sew conductive thread into the finger tips.
2. If the gloves are thin lick or blow into the fingertips until it works.
3. Cut off the tips of the glove (last resource).
4. Do what they do in south Korea and use a sausage as a stylus!

Windows Explorer Saves Time

Windows Explorer Saves Time

Windows Explorer is a great file manager and explorer tool from Microsoft that has always remains as is and has not changed much from Windows 3.1 to Windows Vista. Even Windows Explorer provided in Windows 7 has the same look and feel with minor changes.

I have been testing many file managers and explorer, both free and paid but Windows Explorer has always been my final choice. What I love about Windows Explorer is its simplicity and ease of use. It’s because all of us are used to the same interface from the very beginning when we started using Windows.
There are news that Windows 8 will include a visually revamped Windows Explorer which includes the ribbon interface as in Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010. The only thing that I have been uncomfortable with Windows Explorer is that I can’t see the folder size in the details view of Windows Explorer. If I want to see the folder size, I have to right click the folder and go to properties for each and every folder.

I have been following the advancements in Windows Explorer but was disappointed to see the there was no cure for my problem. I wish Microsoft had added the calculation and display of folder size as the file size is displayed.

Luckily I have found a few third party utilities that can solve my problem. The first utility that I want to share is FldrSize. FldrSize is a free and portable utility which can show the size of any folder you specify. By default FldrSize shows the size of folders in KB. You can change this by going to Options and changing the option to MB. This utility is only useful when you want to know the size of small amount of folders.

There is another utility which can add an extra column of folder size to Windows Explorer. Folder Size is a free and open source utility which will add a new column in Windows Explorer that shows the folder size of each folder. This utility calculates the folder sizes in real time so it may slow down Windows Explorer a little bit.

I hope these utilities will help you solve the same problem that I was facing.

Usman is a network consultant and owns a technology blog. He loves to test new software especially backup and restore software.

SEO Tips To Help With Ranking

Effective SEO Tips

Do you find it testing to get visitors for your website? It is very common for people to build websites but then be disappointed by a lack of traffic. In this article, I cover some strategies I learned while working at seo gold coast.I learned that even though search engines might seem a little bit random, yet they typically aren’t, they recognize what they are looking for. Continue reading to get more information about this for the sake of succeeding with your website.

One of my key tips for you is to take your key phrases and research all the different variations including misspellings of them as well as include them in the meta-tag area of your website. Search engines look for meta tags and including a range of keywords will certainly assist you be more noticeable to them. As an example, if “taking a trip” is your keyword, include “traveling” in addition to the European punctuation of “taking a trip.”.

Second tip, I have for you is that when developing support message for your internet site, just making use of “click here” or various other common terms is not nearly enough. Utilizing common anchor message like “go here” is a wasted opportunity, which could have been used to integrate more keyword phrases. It is very important to utilize key words in your anchor text to ensure that they could be picked up by search spiders creeping your site.

Visit the sites of rivals and view their source codes. This will allow you a glimpse at exactly what they are making use of for SEO and the keyword phrases that are in usage. You could utilize a few of these techniques if you feel it will aid your website.

Also, a site map is a vital part of your site if you want internet search engine to be able to create an index of your website web pages. Navigating bars, also called website maps, aid search engines situate an individual page via another area of the internet site. Even if your internet site is just a hole in the wall surface compared with giants like Amazon, a site map does marvels for your seo.

Another good point to remember is that if video or audio products are shown on your internet site, you ought to have records of these included. Search engines will certainly scan the records and recognize keywords that are related to your website’s niche.

SEO could seem like a difficult task, and it is for many people but it will not be that difficult for you, once you understand some basic concepts about building and linking websites. Every one of the tips in this post will certainly assist improve your internet search engine rankings as well as help more people discover your site. I plan to cover this topic in more detail in the future, so be sure to check back soon.

3 Tips for a Robust Mobile Internet Experience

3 Tips for a Robust Mobile Internet Experience

With almost a billion mobile internet users every year, and with a lot more ISPs starting to offer unlimited internet options to their mobile users, the favorite way for a lot of people to access the internet is on their mobile phone. In fact, research has shown that in some countries over 70% of internet users only access the internet via the mobile phone. The problem, however, is that as the mobile field starts to get more competitive, and as a lot more people are adapting to new smartphone technology and as a result using the internet more often, it can be very difficult to enjoy your mobile internet experience.

There are a lot of factors that comes to place when it comes to determining your mobile experience, and learning a few tricks for the difficult times won’t hurt at all (especially if you travel a lot and are likely to experience constant network problems). This article will be giving you a few tips to help you ensure robust mobile internet experience.

Try Changing Your Position

The first step you should take when trying to access the internet via your mobile phone is to change your position. It is very important to take this step even if your mobile phone is showing full network signals. A lot of people think that the fact that there is full network signal in a place means they will get better internet speeds, but that isn’t always the reality, simply because a network tower you are close to might be overloaded; that won’t prevent it from showing you full signals, but that will affect the speeds you get. However, by moving positions you will be able to connect to another tower, and even if the signal isn’t that full you might be able to get better speeds.
Don’t Rely on Just One Mobile Internet Provider

One thing I always advise people to do whenever they come to me complaining about having constant problems with their mobile internet is to never stick to one provider. In other words, I’m not trying to tell you to change providers; instead, I’m saying you should have two or more mobile network providers that you can easily fall back to should you have any problems along the way.

There are a lot of quality mobile internet providers around you, and you can even get better deals if you decide to use the internet to research them.

One thing I have always done that I will recommend is to have a variety of browsers you can always use whenever you want. The general consensus is to go with the default browser that comes with your mobile phone, but I have discovered that to be extremely ineffective over time.

Most default mobile browsers are designed in a way that they don’t have support for some elements that speed up web browsing, but by installing and trying additional mobile browsers you might be able to get the speed you want

Meeting Fellow Techies

Meeting Fellow Techies

So, this weekend I took a break from staring at a computer screen and actually decided to attend a meetup of some fellow techies, who also like me do not get out of their offices and houses enough but choose to work alone. While, this meetup was about the new trends in technology and how apps are growing at an alarming rate that few could have predicted, I met a couple of women who were actually not talking about technology or any of the geeky stuff. A couple of these women were actually talking about men and how it has been hard for them to find someone they could connect with. It is very interesting, as I never ever thought about these things much as I am happily dating for a bit now, but have to say that chatting with these women was insightful and amusing at the same time, and to be honest a good change to speak about humans and not about technology (even though I love it).

So my question to all my readers is what would you do….if you were hanging out with a bunch of people who were single and looking. Would you just listen, would you leave or would you try and speak about something else? Well, here is what I did…I actually decided to take some action and while chatting with them I looked a bunch of books that could help them, and while doing so I came across what is called the respect principle. According to what men secretly want by James Bauer, a dating coach and author, men place a lot more importance to respect than they do to even love. Yes, you heard that right…men want to be respected even more than wanting to be loved by the women in their lives. This is the crazy part, while trying to help others, I found information that is useful to me as well. Now, after sharing what I had found with my new friends I found it interesting that they reacted so differently to the same information. Even though that is usually the case with most things, their reactions were just not what I had expected.

So, even though I decided to take action rather than just complain, it seems like not everyone is ready for action and needs to find their own time and way to go about things. In any case, I have decided that the next time anything like this happens, I would rather just listen or even leave than to simply stand there listening to people complain.

Have you ever had any such crazy instances where you attempt to help someone falls flat? Anyway, will be back with more of the usual techie stuff in the next post.