Windows Explorer Saves Time

Windows Explorer Saves Time

Windows Explorer is a great file manager and explorer tool from Microsoft that has always remains as is and has not changed much from Windows 3.1 to Windows Vista. Even Windows Explorer provided in Windows 7 has the same look and feel with minor changes.

I have been testing many file managers and explorer, both free and paid but Windows Explorer has always been my final choice. What I love about Windows Explorer is its simplicity and ease of use. It’s because all of us are used to the same interface from the very beginning when we started using Windows.
There are news that Windows 8 will include a visually revamped Windows Explorer which includes the ribbon interface as in Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010. The only thing that I have been uncomfortable with Windows Explorer is that I can’t see the folder size in the details view of Windows Explorer. If I want to see the folder size, I have to right click the folder and go to properties for each and every folder.

I have been following the advancements in Windows Explorer but was disappointed to see the there was no cure for my problem. I wish Microsoft had added the calculation and display of folder size as the file size is displayed.

Luckily I have found a few third party utilities that can solve my problem. The first utility that I want to share is FldrSize. FldrSize is a free and portable utility which can show the size of any folder you specify. By default FldrSize shows the size of folders in KB. You can change this by going to Options and changing the option to MB. This utility is only useful when you want to know the size of small amount of folders.

There is another utility which can add an extra column of folder size to Windows Explorer. Folder Size is a free and open source utility which will add a new column in Windows Explorer that shows the folder size of each folder. This utility calculates the folder sizes in real time so it may slow down Windows Explorer a little bit.

I hope these utilities will help you solve the same problem that I was facing.

Usman is a network consultant and owns a technology blog. He loves to test new software especially backup and restore software.